How we share updates..

Westgate have an email list that is used by members to share notices.  Yes, email is 20th century technology, but it seems to work for us, for now. Approximately 5 emails a week are sent out.

Unfortunately public email providers like Gmail will continually offer you the opportunity to unsubscribe. Also they tend to route messages away from the Inbox to Junk Mail or other tabs it provides like "Social".  You may have to move messages back into your inbox a few times to "train" Gmail that you do want to see these messages. (and don't want their 'help' to remove them).

Subscribe your self

If you would like to subscribe to Stay in Touch you can manage the entire process yourself at this link: StayinTouch Registration.

  • Although it says your name is (optional), please fill it in.  The list is moderated and your request to join the list will only be processed when the moderator recognises you.

Or let us do it

Alternatively speak to the Pastor when you attend church and it can setup in the back ground.